Last PVP kill: benn killed by yvann

03/28/2017 - 08:17 PM (on T4C Rebirth)

Do not be fooled by a warrior, show your true power!
Unravel the plot within the Lindur family and save Althea!
Fight adventurers stronger than you and show that you don't run away from a fight!
Stand up against the powerful Banished Valkard, the last demon alive!
Find allies and together discover an endless adventure!
New class: Dark-paladin. Can you handle it?
Destroy monsters inside the caves and find trasure chests!
The fourth island! Dare to explore?

T4C Rebirth, Welcome!


The 4th Coming, what is it Interrogation

Epée Briefly,

An online game totally free! Sign-up, download, play!

Discover a medieval fantasy-world MMORPG.

Let us guide you into a world filled with magic and secrets!

Epée For T4C veterans,

3x reborn, xp x3, simplified quests, !xpstat, CC PVP, no potion bug, a smart anti-plug system and a radar that does not show players.

For more details about the game, visit Discover T4C Rebirth.

One adventure, one community, infinite possibilites.